I haven’t had many parenting wins lately. I mean, my 3-year-old son regularly spits at me upon being RELEASED from time out and I’m so with child that I’m fortunate to get get five hours of sleep at night.. But, I have read some interesting shit.

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant:
Labor Pains
Breast Really Is Best
Unequal Beginnings

If you’re parenting or into judging other parents:
Raising Your Successful 35-Year-Old
10 Questions to Ask Your Family Around the Table
School-aged Kids Mean More, Not Less, Housework for Parents
Our Push for ‘Passion’, and Why It Harms Kids

I’d also like to officially announce that there are little lady parts inside my big lady parts. We’re overjoyed. I’m also very intimidated (though still overjoyed). Felix said it was a girl from the start. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? He may be psychic, and it’s something to nurture into a profit center for school tuition…? In all seriousness, everything is healthy. The cupcake in there does not suffer from kidney irregularities (like her big brother did), and her growth is on track. I think that I have the gestational diabetes test at some point coming up…ha, and that lack of hyper-awareness sums up what it’s like for me to pregnant with my second child. I’m no longer indignant that no one on public transportation makes room for my belly; after selling all of our baby seats/chairs/bassinets on Craigslist, I’m not stressing over finding replacements; and though I stay away from sandwiches at meetings, I’m pretty friendly with salami at home (lunchmeat, you dirty mind you). I’ve bought a bunch of reusable pocket diapers on eBay and they’re working wonderfully for Felix overnight, so I’m increasingly optimistic about using them with the little lady.

Until next time…

25 weeks - ready for the 3rd trimester

25 weeks – ready for the 3rd trimester


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